About the group of companies



                   Why is GLOBAL EDGE your shortcut to the Russian market?

The GLOBAL EDGE group of companies, (established in 1991), has unmistakably proven itself to be the leading supplier of woodworking machinery and equipment to the market of the Russian Federation. 

At the moment, GLOBAL EDGE consists of 5 companies, which manufacture and distribute woodworking tools and machinery in the Russian Federation. 



                                      What makes GLOBAL EDGE unique?

 Please take a close look at these facts:

  • Our sales team consists of trained professionals, who not only received Master Degrees in engineering, electronics or business management, but have also had years of experience in their fields.
  • Our 12 000 sq. meter warehouse/training center/showroom is always open to potential clients. All of the equipment in our show room is fully operational, and we are always ready to show the machinery in action; we also often arrange tours for our future customers to visit existing ones at their factories.
  • Though our marketing efforts we have managed to cover the principal markets of the industry: i.e. woodworking, furniture and construction. We also participate in every nation-wide exhibition and trade show and advertise in every Russian magazine related to the above fields.



                   Communicating with us is easy!

GLOBAL EDGE offers its partners all the advantages of modern telecommunication: digital phone lines (you’ll never hear the “busy” signal when calling our offices); each office of our company is equipped with the fastest (ADSL) Internet connection to ensure free flowing data, which means files of practically any size can be sent and received trouble-free; a tech-support department that provides full day on-line service via ICQ; not only executives, but every person in the company (including technicians) carries a cell-phone, which allows us to have every member of our team within reach 24 hours a day. 

  • Every department has at least one person who speaks a European language; some departments (such as logistics and tech-support) are fully proficient in the English language. 
  • In working with GLOBAL EDGE, the vendor’s only concern is manufacturing the product; we take care of the rest. Our logistical department arranges the pickup of goods, and takes care of consolidation, transportation, customs clearance, etc. 
  • The marketing division of our company publishes an original bimonthly 16-page corporate bulletin, which we direct mail to 6000 subscribers nationwide. GLOBAL EDGEis also in close partnership with the “Spindle” – the industry’s only professional source of information, a bimonthly journal circulating all over Russia. 
  • Our extensive mail database includes every company/person who has ever visited our booth during a trade show, has imported a single piece of woodworking machinery, or has exported a single truckload of woodworking products in the last 10 years. 
  • All leaflets, brochures, and other promotional materials are printed in our in-house state-of-the-art print shop. A team of designers, in cooperation with our technical team, is working hard to ensure that all of our leaflets not only look professional, but also include highly specialized content with valid technical data.
  • GLOBAL EDGE has representative offices and warehouse points in all of the most important regions of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg (North), Rostov (South), Novosibirsk and Tyumen (West and East Siberia), Vladivostok (Far East) and Irkutsk (Central Siberia).
  • GLOBAL EDGE is the only company that provides its customers with business and engineering plans. Furthermore, we provide our customers with the ability to walk through their future factory by means of 3-D factory design.
  • Our Internet site, www. globaledge .ru, is one of the top-rated Russian sites relating to woodworking, and is considered to be highly educational, thus attracting prospective customers. 


                                                                                   3-D Model                                Real factory  


Not only does GLOBAL EDGE have an excellent sales team, but it also has, undoubtedly, the best technical support team in the industry. Twenty seven graduate engineers with degrees in mechanics, electronics and software programming with many years of experience in woodworking and machinery servicing make up our tech-support team. Our tech-support department installs the machinery at the customers’ work site and teaches the customers’ personnel how to operate the machinery. Our team also supplies the customers with operation manuals and instructions, professionally translated into the Russian language, carefully edited to include additional pictures and explanations to ensure that the Russian personnel will be able to understand the instructions correctly. Some of our field technicians are also proficient in the English language. All of our technicians also work as a part of the sales team as they help the customers install the machinery on the job site.

In addition to all of the above, our company also leads scientific research, which has resulted in three international patents, with three more currently pending. 

With GLOBAL EDGE you will get all the legal assistance you could possibly need: from copyrights and your trademark registration to certification of machinery to GOST (Russian national standard).
At the present moment, the facilities of GLOBAL EDGE in Moscow include: a spacious set of buildings totaling 12,000 sq. meters in Khimki, a suburb of Moscow, which you can see on your way to the Moscow International Airport and a 1000 sq. meters building in the central part of Moscow. Khimki is also home to the offices of the Zavodkorund and Tool Land companies, both of which are part of the GLOBAL EDGE family, manufacturing abrasive belts and bandsaw blades. In the near future, Tool Land will be in charge of manufacturing circular saw blades using a robotized manufacturing complex and of servicing the cutting tools equipped with the best CNC-controlled machines available on the market at the present time. 

The GLOBAL EDGE group of companies has a team of about 200 employees that are educated, experienced and motivated to provide the best possible service to its customers, suppliers and partners.

All of the things mentioned above are part of the reason why over 3500 Russian companies have chosen GLOBAL EDGE as their partner. 


                                                                                               Tool Land - bandsaw blades

                                                                                                                                     Zavodkorund -  manufacturing abrasive belts